What I Wish I Knew Before I Started Grad School - By Chris Li

  • Why are you here?

    Is grad school the first step in your path to becoming a professor? Is it the training you’re looking for to make the leap into the biotech industry?

    What are your next steps after grad school?

    Knowing what your next steps are informs you on how to pick an appropriate graduate project, what skillsets you are looking to develop during your grad school training, and what preparations you need to make for the next stage of your career.

    Decide what kind of risks you are willing to take

    When you first start, you will have some time to read literature, get advice from your peers, and ultimately, decide on a research project. The more simplistic your project, the easier it is to get results and data. The path to results are often more clear, but it will likely not yield the juicy novel research you need to land a high-impact publication.

    If you’re aiming to run your own lab one day and become a professor, chances are you are looking to achieve high-impact papers in your Ph.D. Maybe this means you have to leverage new techniques, or learn computer programming and data science to tackle the much dreaded bioinformatic realm. One thing is certain though, the more complex and novel your project, the more abstract the experimental methods are, which often results in a high-risk high-reward situation.


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