Professional development: it’s daily business. Is it for you?

  •      As an Academic Career Coach, I often see researchers that tend to have a one-dimensional perspective on the concept of career. Career to them, as it might be for you, is something that happens after they finished their research. It’s a future thing, so postponing working on it doesn’t feel awkward to them. But what would it imply for the future when professional development becomes part of the daily routine as a researcher?

         I always encourage researchers to grab the daily opportunities in their workplace to work on their professional development. Support them recognize their strengths and weaknesses and, by acknowledging them, I help them structure the components of their professional development.

    So, I stimulate you to improve your effectiveness as a researcher and as an individual.

    I focus mainly on your personal development, like becoming an effective research supervisor, showing (personal) leadership, and managing difficult people. I help you improve your communicative- and collaborative, and time-management skills. It is also about career development, creating preparedness for the next stage of your career. And I offer your reflection on your process, remind you of the different perspectives. Together we make you grow by creating opportunities for improvements in your capabilities in adjusting and adapting to the inevitable changes in the world, your field, and your workplace.

         So, I’m looking forward to start sharing my knowledge and experiences through semi-regular blogs. However, I can’t do this without your input! The Scientistt Team and I thought we could try something new here. It’s up to the Scientistt Community to decide what the topics of my blogs will be. So, it is up to you to share your questions about your research life and career! Maybe you want to know how to start networking, or are you curious about what skills you need to develop to work outside academia. But your questions also could point into the direction of your personal development while being a researcher. How can you learn, for example, to keep your perfectionism healthily, set your boundaries, or share your ideas and insecurities with your colleagues in the field?

    Don’t act shy start posting your questions on the Q&A page now!

         Want to know more about what I do as an Academic Career Coach? Then check out the website of Progress your PhD, the company I specially launched for PhDs. Or you could give it a go on my main website, but you should know that this one is receiving an update as we speak. So, it won't do the job yet