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  • Aug 16 2021

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    If you go back and read the whole PhD and then what series (starting from here), you can find plenty of hints on how important doing a PhD abroad has been for my personal growth. Don’t get me wrong: it was extremely difficult, I felt lonely, anxious and always blue. I cried a lot, I suffered from pa...

  • Jun 18 2021

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    On 7th June 2021, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a new treatment for Alzheimer’s patients in the US. This is the first treatment to be approved in almost two decades, and the first to target the cause of Alzheimer’s disease rather than just the related symptoms. However, gaps in cli...

  • Jun 07 2021

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    Hi, I hope everyone is doing good amidst the pandemic. Most of us like strawberry flavor in ice creams or biscuits or cakes, right? If you are one of those who like strawberry flavor, here is an interesting and mysterious fact you didn’t know about strawberries. As soon as you hear strawberry, what ...

  • Apr 30 2021

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    It is more important than ever to communicate science effectively. We must ensure accurate and evidence-based information about research is distributed through the media, particularly on controversial and headline news where most misinformation can occur. Here, I will give you a background to the Sc...

  • Apr 16 2021

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    Academic Career Coach: Series on Networking Blog #3: Boost your LinkedIn profile        This is blog #3: Boost your LinkedIn profile. Since the former two blogs were pretty theoretical, I thought it would be pleasant to write you a more practical blog. This blog aims at researchers who decided that ...

  • Apr 09 2021

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    While public health announcements focus on the Hands, Face, Space message and the worldwide vaccine roll out aims to curb new cases, we have neglected to keep up with research into new treatments for those who contract covid-19. When covid-19 sent the world into lockdowns in March 2020, new research...

  • Mar 29 2021

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    Academic Career Coach: Series on Networking #1: Building an online network strategy      This is blog #2: Building an online network strategy. Due to the pandemic situation, we are all forced to spend a tremendous deal of our time online. Back in the days, we used to meet other people at work, a con...

  • Mar 23 2021

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    Two essential components of any research paper are the abstract and introduction. However, when you are writing these pieces, it can be difficult to decipher how these sections differ. Much of the same information should be included in both sections. However, the purpose, structure, and length of yo...

  • Mar 11 2021

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    Academic Career Coach: Series on Networking #1: How to Start Networking?      This is blog #1: How to start networking? Thank Hellen, for asking this excellent question. In my perspective, networking has a lot to do with following your curiosity, gaining information about others, and sharing your ow...

  • February 26 2021

    A new material for targeted removal of copper from wastewater Scientists have developed ‘ZIOS’, capable of selective extraction of the metal from contaminated water. By- Arushi Malhotra From left: Schematic diagram of a ZIOS network; and a SEM (scanning electron microscopy) image of a ZIOS-copper sa...

  • October 16 2020

    Understanding the core concept- It is always important to comprehend the main concept of a particular maths. By focusing on the logic behind a specific mathematics, one will not have to remember the steps, rather, can solve the math using his/her own steps or procedure. Having a good grip or underst...

  • September 6 2020

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    Twitter is a medium popularly patronized by all categories of people especially celebrities, politicians, marketers, academics as well as other members of the society. However, it can also be a very unwieldy space, and difficult to manage considering the sheer amount of data that tumbles into one’s...