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  • Jul 10 2022

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    Upon reading Helen Briggs’ (2022) BBC article released two days ago on how ‘unsustainable logging, fishing and hunting’ are driving species extinction, in which she emphasised how ‘million plants and animals could go extinct in coming decades’ and that ‘climate change and increased demand push more ...

  • Mar 18 2021

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    ** Usually I post portions of my Bolded Science blog to Scientistt. Because this post is so near and dear to my heart, I'm posting the full post today! If you like it, be sure to check out the Bolded Science blog for more articles.    How long do you think is an appropriate time for students to comm...

  • August 21 2020

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    I recently heard this line in an episode of popular American sitcom Modern Family, "sitting is the new smoking". It was an off hand comment but during the pandemic, lockdown and general office-style working, sitting has risen exponentially. What evidence is there that sitting is bad for our health? ...

  • July 30 2020

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    An email buzzed my phone: Volunteer Meeting at 4 pm. I smiled. It was that time of the year again. The silent maze of aisles wrapping our labs will come alive with bustling curiosity, eyes glazed in awe of the grandness of all the shiny things around, heads and hearts absorbing everything the ears g...

  • July 16 2020

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    By: Linda Corcoran Accessibility tends to be a major topic in regards to science communication (sci-comm). However, most of the time, people only refer to making the content accessible to the general public, neglecting to take into account those with disabilities. Considering the audience is essenti...

  • March 6 2020

    Imagine a sprawling dump with thin bags flapping in the wind, thousands of tonnes of plastic piling up creating mountains… The greatest claim in the last five years is that this vision can be fixed with the most surprising of allies: the worm.  Our common worm is often undervalued when it comes to s...