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  • Aug 02 2022

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    Upon my daily tradition of browsing BBC news I stumbled upon a news video created two years ago by Ruth Evans, Daniel Gordon and Tom Heyden titled ‘Microplastics, drugs and food- how jellyfish can help us’ (Evans, et al.. 2020). This sparked my interest: I thought jellyfish? We all know of the impor...

  • Apr 19 2021

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    This story begins from its end. Or somewhere in the middle. It starts with the end of a PhD, with long months spent trying to understand my next move. What was I doing? Where was I going? So many doubts. Among all of them, one thing was sure: my PhD was not going to define me. "Despite the social pr...

  • February 25 2021

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    Operation Warp Speed, launched in early 2020, helped speed up the pace of vaccine innovation, turning the normally 10+ year clinical trials process into one that takes less than a year. To learn more about the vaccine development process, check out this post by Nidhi.Although vaccine development has...