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  • Mar 29 2021

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    With the challenges of the new demands for competencies in science, technology, engineering, and innovation in the 21st century, new pedagogical currents have arisen that advocate implementing literacy beyond digital literacy, technological literacy. Today we are going to look closer at the phenomen...

  • Mar 09 2021

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    Excerpt from my article for theGIST republished (the crew has already returned, of course):On May the 30th, SpaceX successfully managed to send a test space flight to the International Space Station (ISS). The crew of this collaborative mission, Demo-2, ushered in a new era of commercial space fligh...

  • August 19 2020

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    In the Summer of 2018, I undertook a course in Germany called Reproductive Justice. This turned out to be my favourite course of my whole degree. Within this blogpost I will explore the reasons behind why reproductive justice is so essential to the lives of many women, and particularly women of colo...

  • March 2 2020

    Several recent publications have revealed that fruit flies can reactivate dormant neural stem cells in the brain to generate new neural cells important in brain function. Drosophila melanogaster, or fruit flies, have long been a model in scientific research to study genetics and development due to s...