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  • Sep 17 2022

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    Students who have enrolled themselves in the accounting field of college and are planning to do a master’s in it, have to travel a long distance. Accounting is a mind-boggling subject, no matter how intelligent and smart they are. To complete a master’s degree, they have to finish their assignments ...

  • Jun 03 2021

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    NASA has approved 2 new missions to investigate our closest planetary neighbor, Venus. Venus is a fascinating planet. Venus is considered ‘upside down’ and spins the wrong way (spinning clockwise). Is hotter than Mercury at 462°C despite being further from the sun. Its day is longer than its year du...

  • Apr 06 2021

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    Ebooks have been around since late 70s with Project Gutenberg, and became a commercially available format as early as the internet enabled monetary exchanges in the 90s. In 1998, US libraries were already distributing free ebooks through their websites and technologies from companies like OverDrive ...

  • Mar 07 2021

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    Yet another dusk, with the sounds of falling leaves, singing birds and the small, welcoming breeze I was strolling with my thoughts. With the rewind of the day's events, the incomplete pieces set back to their place leaving peace to the soul. I never go to the walk alone, I am always accompanied by ...

  • February 14 2021

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    Commemorating the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, I wrote my few cents on the day, recognizing the need to spread the word and highlighting the importance of this occasion. Titled, "Women in STEM: Looking behind and Looking ahead", you can read more on what this issue means to me, a...

  • December 3 2020

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    Why are you here? Is grad school the first step in your path to becoming a professor? Is it the training you’re looking for to make the leap into the biotech industry? What are your next steps after grad school? Knowing what your next steps are informs you on how to pick an appropriate graduate proj...

  • November 19 2020

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      Thank you for reading this post which was originally published on www.theinfraredrum.wordpress.com. All my content is freely accessible and I currently earn no income from blogging; if you would like to support me and my work, you're welcome to buy me a coffee at www.ko-fi.com/theinfraredrum. Ever...

  • October 25 2020

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    Whilst the academic landscape is undoubtedly changing, evidence still suggests that research remains a highly competitive, strenuous and lonely profession. According to Nature, a 2017 study revealed that “more than one-third of respondents (36%) said that they have sought help for anxiety or depress...

  • August 31 2020

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    Friday the 21st of August, I was invited to a WHO meeting to represent 4 European groups of Long COVID. I have been ill with long-lasting and debilitating symptoms of COVID-19 since mid-March and have been active in English and then French groups of long COVID patients to inform about the diversity...

  • August 3 2020

    As mentioned in my previous blog, my dad is in need of invasive gut surgery. Unfortunately, in the morning that his operation was scheduled, two people in need of a transplantation would finally receive a transplant. Therefore, my father was sent home and rescheduled for upcoming week. You can imagi...

  • July 29 2020

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    Remember when putting on a face mask meant slapping on a skincare product for a session of self-care? Yeah, neither do we. Our day to day lives have changed dramatically over the last few months and there has been much confusion over what we should or should not be doing. One thing that has been hea...

  • July 6 2020

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      Image - Picture depicting open tubs of many different granular and powder ingredients of various colours  I am a food scientist, and I am starting a food science blog called 'What is that ingredient'. I want to educate the public about their food and food ingredients.    Why?  Several reasons. The...