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  • Jun 29 2021

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    So far, I’ve been talking a lot about why I decided to do a PhD, the issues I’ve encountered and what’s my job now that I’ve left academia. But I’ve not really mentioned my actual research. Thinking back to my PhD, it’s almost like the research I’ve carried out sits the background of my personal gro...

  • July 23 2020

    The Challenge In public arguments about controversial topics, one often hears the somewhat pugnaciously offered challenge: "Do you have a reference for that?" Meaning: Do you have a peer-reviewed confirmation of what you are saying, published in a reputable scientific journal? Providing such a confi...

  • May 10 2020

    Major damage caused by an earthquake. Credit: Sunyu Kim on Unsplash - unsplash.com/@mauveine   For major earthquakes, the satellite predictions work. They give us enough warning, for example, to be able to stop a surgery safely before the shaking starts. A few seconds are critical in some situation...