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  • Aug 02 2022

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    Upon my daily tradition of browsing BBC news I stumbled upon a news video created two years ago by Ruth Evans, Daniel Gordon and Tom Heyden titled ‘Microplastics, drugs and food- how jellyfish can help us’ (Evans, et al.. 2020). This sparked my interest: I thought jellyfish? We all know of the impor...

  • Jul 10 2022

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    Upon reading Helen Briggs’ (2022) BBC article released two days ago on how ‘unsustainable logging, fishing and hunting’ are driving species extinction, in which she emphasised how ‘million plants and animals could go extinct in coming decades’ and that ‘climate change and increased demand push more ...

  • May 21 2021

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    Who hasn’t spotted a plane and those wispy white trails and thought, “I wonder where they’re headed? Wherever it is, I wish I were jetting off too”. However, those wispy white clouds are a huge cost to the environment and now subject to conspiracy theorists. Here we will debunk the theories, explain...

  • Mar 18 2021

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    The needs of a sustainable future have led to exceptional breakthroughs. From a potent killer to a valued commodity– researchers have come up with method to convert carbon monoxide to acetic acid aka vinegar. By- Arushi Malhotra                                     An electron microscope images shows...

  • Mar 10 2021

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    While most people are aware of the threats posed by climate change, few know of just how drastic those threats are to biodiversity. According to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the Earth loses roughly 10,000 species every year, roughly 5,000 times higher than the natural extinction rate.​While zoos a...

  • May 12 2020

     “We called it MOTHER earth, and now we are making HER hot”. Yes, I often quote this to my friends and they laugh. Though this appears in a lighter vein, it is a major issue we are facing and this has a lot to ponder on. Global warming is something similar to suicide bombing. We, the most intellige...

  • March 6 2020

    Imagine a sprawling dump with thin bags flapping in the wind, thousands of tonnes of plastic piling up creating mountains… The greatest claim in the last five years is that this vision can be fixed with the most surprising of allies: the worm.  Our common worm is often undervalued when it comes to s...