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  • Mar 30 2021

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    Today's Behind the Research post introduces Molly, an English native who moved to Ireland to pursue a PhD in Dublin. Starting a PhD is an exciting yet daunting experience, however Molly had an additional factor of moving to a new country, and had to make new friends and build a new support network. ...

  • Mar 29 2021

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    Academic Career Coach: Series on Networking #1: Building an online network strategy      This is blog #2: Building an online network strategy. Due to the pandemic situation, we are all forced to spend a tremendous deal of our time online. Back in the days, we used to meet other people at work, a con...

  • Mar 24 2021

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    Let's take a simple example. You head to your nearest bakery for a quick snack. You are left famished by the plenitude of choices essentially thrown at you. Should you go for a "Chocolate donut with sparkles" or any other 25 variants of a donut?   Read the full blog HERE!

  • Mar 23 2021

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    Two essential components of any research paper are the abstract and introduction. However, when you are writing these pieces, it can be difficult to decipher how these sections differ. Much of the same information should be included in both sections. However, the purpose, structure, and length of yo...

  • Mar 18 2021

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    ** Usually I post portions of my Bolded Science blog to Scientistt. Because this post is so near and dear to my heart, I'm posting the full post today! If you like it, be sure to check out the Bolded Science blog for more articles.    How long do you think is an appropriate time for students to comm...

  • Mar 11 2021

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    Who first discovered nucleic acid? Who showed mitochondrial inheritance? Who proved genes jump? Who proposed natural selection? Who helped discover DNA by unlocking the shapes of nucleobases?   Most of us will know the answers to the above questions because these were all very important objectives ...

  • Mar 11 2021

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    Academic Career Coach: Series on Networking #1: How to Start Networking?      This is blog #1: How to start networking? Thank Hellen, for asking this excellent question. In my perspective, networking has a lot to do with following your curiosity, gaining information about others, and sharing your ow...

  • Mar 10 2021

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    Every research project begins as a research idea. Therefore, to become a successful researcher, it is important to be able to develop research ideas. Many people see the development of research ideas as something that only certain people can do; however, the truth is that the ability to develop rese...

  • Mar 09 2021

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    n my first semester of graduate school, I wrote a research proposal for the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships Program. I had no guidance on how to write a proposal for this very competitive fellowship program. Many websites seem to contradict each other on the guidance that t...

  • March 4 2021

    When we think of the hard-working scientist, we think about a scientist that enters that lab early in the morning. They work through the day using multiple cups of coffee to keep their energy up. Late at night, they can be seen writing on a whiteboard, making the prime discoveries in their field.Sci...

  • February 25 2021

         As an Academic Career Coach, I often see researchers that tend to have a one-dimensional perspective on the concept of career. Career to them, as it might be for you, is something that happens after they finished their research. It’s a future thing, so postponing working on it doesn’t feel awkw...

  • February 14 2021

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    Commemorating the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, I wrote my few cents on the day, recognizing the need to spread the word and highlighting the importance of this occasion. Titled, "Women in STEM: Looking behind and Looking ahead", you can read more on what this issue means to me, a...