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  • Jun 18 2021

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    On 7th June 2021, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a new treatment for Alzheimer’s patients in the US. This is the first treatment to be approved in almost two decades, and the first to target the cause of Alzheimer’s disease rather than just the related symptoms. However, gaps in cli...

  • Jun 11 2021

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    We’re all aware of our metabolism and whilst we may not have control over it, our metabolism may play a role in the effectiveness of, and side-effects from, certain medications. It isn’t one size fits all. Do we need to rethink how we deliver drugs? We need energy to function, but we can’t plug ours...

  • May 21 2021

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    Who hasn’t spotted a plane and those wispy white trails and thought, “I wonder where they’re headed? Wherever it is, I wish I were jetting off too”. However, those wispy white clouds are a huge cost to the environment and now subject to conspiracy theorists. Here we will debunk the theories, explain...

  • Apr 30 2021

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    It is more important than ever to communicate science effectively. We must ensure accurate and evidence-based information about research is distributed through the media, particularly on controversial and headline news where most misinformation can occur. Here, I will give you a background to the Sc...

  • Apr 09 2021

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    While public health announcements focus on the Hands, Face, Space message and the worldwide vaccine roll out aims to curb new cases, we have neglected to keep up with research into new treatments for those who contract covid-19. When covid-19 sent the world into lockdowns in March 2020, new research...

  • Apr 02 2021

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    Is freezing your body the stuff of nightmares, science fiction, or a future technology to aid long space travel? I’m not sure many people would have turned down an opportunity to take a cryogenic sleep through the last year, I certainly wish it had been an option. Let’s explore the science of cryoge...

  • March 6 2021

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    (This article was originally written in June 2019) There are plenty of books, apps, self-help guides, and “Gurus” who claim they can help you find your true love. However, can science help us find “the one”? Are there reasons for the saying “opposites attract”? Science has even investigated whether ...

  • March 6 2021

    Even after the year that was 2020, I’ve spotted countless articles and media outlets “helping” people set New Year’s resolutions and kick bad habits. Whilst I’m not one to usually set a resolution, this year I want to do more of what I love which includes these articles. So now the thesis is in and ...

  • March 6 2021

    From my big, arms-outstretched morning yawn, to my stifled awkward supressed facial stretches in online meetings, I yawn a lot. From Hippocrates to the modern day, scientists have long pondered over the reasons why we yawn. Here we’ll look at some of the explanations and discover if other species al...

  • March 6 2021

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    Since the start of lockdown in the UK back in March, the government has been “tweaking” its covid-19 testing strategy. Targeted testing, only symptomatic people, mass testing etc. Until last week (6th Nov, 2020), the only widely available tests were PCR (I’ll explain more in a moment). However, Live...

  • March 6 2021

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    At the start of lockdown in the UK back in March (2020, if anyone needs reminding…), doctors surgeries closed their doors to walk in appointments and everything went as online as possible. Whilst many would have been sceptical of a virtual consultation, I also think many have been surprised. GP surg...

  • March 6 2021

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    To many, time is a way of telling us when to do things or expect things to be done: when to meet, when to eat, when to sleep, but what is the scientific definition of time? One source defines it as the “indefinite and continuous duration…in which events succeed one another“, meaning the past is the ...