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  • March 6 2021

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      Thank you for reading this post which was originally published on www.theinfraredrum.wordpress.com. All my content is freely accessible and I currently earn no income from blogging; if you would like to support me and my work, you're welcome to buy me a coffee at www.ko-fi.com/theinfraredrum. Ever...

  • March 6 2021

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    This is an original article written by Sophie Prosolek and published on www.theinfraredrum.wordpress.com. Please feel free to share this article on social platforms with appropriate credit to Sophie and her website. You can also tag Sophie on Twitter (@infraredrum) or on Instagram (@theinfraredrum)....

  • March 6 2021

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    As the Autumn semester begins, Universities across the world will be filling up their lecture halls with new graduate students – you might even be one of them. Starting a graduate programme is an exciting yet terrifying experience (not least because of the academic expectations); it’s also a great o...

  • March 6 2021

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    In how many countries have you lived to pursue your career (or a significant other's)? How tough was it to adjust? This is the second time I move and, given Covid-19, I have been stuck in a one-bedroom apartment for five months now. I am not too bothered; I am not alone this time. However, I am a bi...

  • March 6 2021

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    The dynamic of this unique social media sphere is like nothing I've come across before. I've reflected on the 4 most prominent observations from my brief encounter with this Twitter community.  It must be noted, I have no immediate research background. In fact, I've just finished my undergraduate de...