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  • March 6 2021

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    Commemorating the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, I wrote my few cents on the day, recognizing the need to spread the word and highlighting the importance of this occasion. Titled, "Women in STEM: Looking behind and Looking ahead", you can read more on what this issue means to me, a...

  • March 6 2021

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    In how many countries have you lived to pursue your career (or a significant other's)? How tough was it to adjust? This is the second time I move and, given Covid-19, I have been stuck in a one-bedroom apartment for five months now. I am not too bothered; I am not alone this time. However, I am a bi...

  • March 6 2021

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    The dynamic of this unique social media sphere is like nothing I've come across before. I've reflected on the 4 most prominent observations from my brief encounter with this Twitter community.  It must be noted, I have no immediate research background. In fact, I've just finished my undergraduate de...