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  • Apr 09 2021

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    While public health announcements focus on the Hands, Face, Space message and the worldwide vaccine roll out aims to curb new cases, we have neglected to keep up with research into new treatments for those who contract covid-19. When covid-19 sent the world into lockdowns in March 2020, new research...

  • Apr 08 2021

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    In August 2017, faced with the increasing probability of drastic budget cuts under the Trump administration, the NSF Directorate of Biological Sciences announced it would no longer be funding its long-praised Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grants (DDIGs). This decision marked a turning point in f...

  • Apr 06 2021

    13 minutes, 52 seconds
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    Ebooks have been around since late 70s with Project Gutenberg, and became a commercially available format as early as the internet enabled monetary exchanges in the 90s. In 1998, US libraries were already distributing free ebooks through their websites and technologies from companies like OverDrive ...

  • Apr 02 2021

    7 minutes, 2 seconds
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    Is freezing your body the stuff of nightmares, science fiction, or a future technology to aid long space travel? I’m not sure many people would have turned down an opportunity to take a cryogenic sleep through the last year, I certainly wish it had been an option. Let’s explore the science of cryoge...

  • Mar 30 2021

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    Today's Behind the Research post introduces Molly, an English native who moved to Ireland to pursue a PhD in Dublin. Starting a PhD is an exciting yet daunting experience, however Molly had an additional factor of moving to a new country, and had to make new friends and build a new support network. ...

  • Mar 29 2021

    10 minutes, 49 seconds
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    Academic Career Coach: Series on Networking #1: Building an online network strategy      This is blog #2: Building an online network strategy. Due to the pandemic situation, we are all forced to spend a tremendous deal of our time online. Back in the days, we used to meet other people at work, a con...

  • Mar 29 2021

    11 minutes, 32 seconds
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    With the challenges of the new demands for competencies in science, technology, engineering, and innovation in the 21st century, new pedagogical currents have arisen that advocate implementing literacy beyond digital literacy, technological literacy. Today we are going to look closer at the phenomen...

  • Mar 24 2021

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    Let's take a simple example. You head to your nearest bakery for a quick snack. You are left famished by the plenitude of choices essentially thrown at you. Should you go for a "Chocolate donut with sparkles" or any other 25 variants of a donut?   Read the full blog HERE!

  • Mar 23 2021

    9 minutes, 21 seconds
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    Two essential components of any research paper are the abstract and introduction. However, when you are writing these pieces, it can be difficult to decipher how these sections differ. Much of the same information should be included in both sections. However, the purpose, structure, and length of yo...

  • Mar 18 2021

    2 minutes, 26 seconds
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    The needs of a sustainable future have led to exceptional breakthroughs. From a potent killer to a valued commodity– researchers have come up with method to convert carbon monoxide to acetic acid aka vinegar. By- Arushi Malhotra                                     An electron microscope images shows...