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  • Sep 17 2022

    4 minutes, 8 seconds

    Students who have enrolled themselves in the accounting field of college and are planning to do a master’s in it, have to travel a long distance. Accounting is a mind-boggling subject, no matter how intelligent and smart they are. To complete a master’s degree, they have to finish their assignments ...

  • Sep 17 2022

    7 minutes, 3 seconds

    Everyone knows what a piece of jewellery is and how much women love them, every stunning piece of ornament that enhances or beautifies your look is called jewellery. It can be made of anything you like from gold to plastic or glass. People use all kinds of materials for making jewellery. Gold jewell...

  • Aug 15 2022

    5 minutes, 6 seconds

    The electronic gaming devices which have been introduced in the recent times have changed the aspect of the whole gaming process. These devices bring advanced features and allow the user to enhance their gaming skills. The gamers can easily play these user-friendly games which are interactive in nat...

  • Aug 05 2022

    12 minutes, 27 seconds

    We’ve all heard of antibiotic resistance- no matter how in the loop of medical sciences we are. Whether it is from our doctor explaining why they can’t give us antibiotics for a simple infection or whether it be from learning about bacteria and antibiotics in school. What matters is that antibiotic ...

  • Aug 02 2022

    10 minutes, 7 seconds

    Upon my daily tradition of browsing BBC news I stumbled upon a news video created two years ago by Ruth Evans, Daniel Gordon and Tom Heyden titled ‘Microplastics, drugs and food- how jellyfish can help us’ (Evans, et al.. 2020). This sparked my interest: I thought jellyfish? We all know of the impor...

  • Jul 10 2022

    8 minutes, 41 seconds

    Upon reading Helen Briggs’ (2022) BBC article released two days ago on how ‘unsustainable logging, fishing and hunting’ are driving species extinction, in which she emphasised how ‘million plants and animals could go extinct in coming decades’ and that ‘climate change and increased demand push more ...

  • Aug 19 2021

    2 minutes, 42 seconds

    X-Files is the most famous sci-fi television series, created by Cris Carter. The two main characters are dr. Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) and special agent Fox Mulder (David Duchovny).  I have always been passionate about science and I loved X-Files when I was a kid, but my mother didn’t want me t...

  • Aug 16 2021

    5 minutes, 53 seconds

    If you go back and read the whole PhD and then what series (starting from here), you can find plenty of hints on how important doing a PhD abroad has been for my personal growth. Don’t get me wrong: it was extremely difficult, I felt lonely, anxious and always blue. I cried a lot, I suffered from pa...

  • Aug 05 2021

    1 minute, 0 seconds

    If you follow any beauty influencers on social media, you may be familiar with hair vitamins, supplements designed to make your hair grow long and thick. Of course, these influencers already have long and luxurious hair; most are also sporting hair extensions or fillers. Yet, we are lead to believe ...

  • Jul 15 2021

    Overheard conversation:Person 1: I really like the new serum I got; it has hyaluronic acid in it. Person 2: What exactly is hyaluronic acid?Person 1: I don’t really know; I just know it’s good for your skin.  Hyaluronic acid sells. It’s in serums, moisturizers, and masks. So, does it help our skin? ...