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  • Jun 18 2021

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    On 7th June 2021, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a new treatment for Alzheimer’s patients in the US. This is the first treatment to be approved in almost two decades, and the first to target the cause of Alzheimer’s disease rather than just the related symptoms. However, gaps in cli...

  • Jun 17 2021

    6 minutes, 9 seconds
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    After a bit of a break, my blog, Bolded Science, is back! Here is our first post since the break! Be sure to check out our blog for more blog posts by your colleagues in the scientific community! Collagen: Science or pseudo? Too often, the beauty industry uses pseudoscience to promote its products. ...

  • Jun 11 2021

    4 minutes, 39 seconds
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    We’re all aware of our metabolism and whilst we may not have control over it, our metabolism may play a role in the effectiveness of, and side-effects from, certain medications. It isn’t one size fits all. Do we need to rethink how we deliver drugs? We need energy to function, but we can’t plug ours...

  • Jun 09 2021

    1 minute, 15 seconds
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    A study published (June 7th) in the journal BMJ Nutrition reported that ‘plant-based’ diets had a lower risk of developing moderate-to-severe COVID-19 (1). This study involved 2884 front-line healthcare workers from six countries (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, USA) and was a survey based study,...

  • Jun 07 2021

    4 minutes, 47 seconds
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    Hi, I hope everyone is doing good amidst the pandemic. Most of us like strawberry flavor in ice creams or biscuits or cakes, right? If you are one of those who like strawberry flavor, here is an interesting and mysterious fact you didn’t know about strawberries. As soon as you hear strawberry, what ...

  • Jun 03 2021

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    NASA has approved 2 new missions to investigate our closest planetary neighbor, Venus. Venus is a fascinating planet. Venus is considered ‘upside down’ and spins the wrong way (spinning clockwise). Is hotter than Mercury at 462°C despite being further from the sun. Its day is longer than its year du...

  • May 27 2021

    1 minute, 3 seconds
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    Plastic is everywhere. You can probably see some right now. You might have drunk from a water bottle, eaten your lunch from Tupperware, bought vegetables in a plastic wrapper. Whatever you have done today, plastic has almost certainly played a part. I’m not here to tell you how bad that is for the e...

  • May 24 2021

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    Cancer researchers said, “a drug productivity crisis emerged in the pharmaceutical research and development area (R&D)” (2) with funding increasing to R&D without an increase in developed new drugs. A potential solution is to repurpose drugs we already have and that we know are safe in humans and us...

  • May 21 2021

    4 minutes, 59 seconds
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    Who hasn’t spotted a plane and those wispy white trails and thought, “I wonder where they’re headed? Wherever it is, I wish I were jetting off too”. However, those wispy white clouds are a huge cost to the environment and now subject to conspiracy theorists. Here we will debunk the theories, explain...

  • May 16 2021

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    If you’ve read my last post, you may know I had not much choice when I decided to leave Italy for a PhD abroad. In some ways, during my whole life, I felt I was going to leave and become one of those brains escaping the country (the brain drain is a massive problem in Italy). What I had not known wa...