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Postdoctoral development program

This Job has Expired
Company Details
Industry: Science and Technology
Description: Drug discovery, Computational chemistry, Computer-aided drug design, Discovery services, Ligand-based design, Structure-based design, Molecule design, Virtual screening, Scaffold hopping, Reprofiling, and Molecular modeling
Job Description

We have an excellent opportunity for two postdocs to join us in September 2021. Candidates will participate in an immersive, tailored rotation program in both scientific and business-related disciplines to broaden their exposure and skillset. 

On this rotational program, you will:

  • experience a variety of Cresset business operations
  • explore our suite of software solutions, working on the methodologies and modeling used
  • gain hands on experience and exposure to a wide range of technologies and clients

A permanent position, offering up to 24 months of company experience, it will present you with the opportunity to work alongside experienced scientists, comp chem developers, software and web developers (we currently have 20+ PhDs). You will gain transferable skills and continuously broadening your knowledge along the way, whilst collaborating on numerous projects at any one time in the following areas of our business: product management, application science, sales, marketing, software development, discovery services and core science. 


  • PhD in either chemistry, biochemistry, pharmaceutical sciences, structural biology or biophysics
  • Familiarity with or interest in, computer-aided drug design
  • Proven presentation skills
  • Flexible and proactive with an aptitude for learning new scientific disciplines
  • Right to work in the UK, with a valid visa


  • Knowledge of Cresset software and/or competitive products
  • Curiosity for scripting or programming e.g., Python
  • Second spoken language
Salary: £30000 - £40000
Employment Type: Full Time
Contact Information
Name: Careers Team