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Company Details
Industry: Health care
Description: CS Genetics is developing pathbreaking new technology for genomics, based on foundational scientific insights and sophisticated conceptual innovations in NGS techniques.
Job Description

Our Company

CS Genetics is developing pathbreaking new technology for genomics, based on foundational scientific insights and sophisticated conceptual innovations in NGS techniques. Our work will accelerate basic biologic research and enable lifesaving new clinical diagnostics. We have an extremely skilled team, a large global intellectual property estate, and amongst the most inventive, ambitious technology roadmaps in life science. We’re growing our Cambridge R&D team following an expansion of our 7-figure seed investment round from leading UK investors.

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Position Summary

We’re looking for an exceptional, experienced, and audacious laboratory scientist to join our NGS R&D team as a Scientist. The ideal candidate will have a track-record of using and/or refining complex technologies/assays for measurement/detection of nucleic acids and/or proteins; they will have comprehensive knowledge of molecular methods and tools for processing, modification, and detection of nucleic acids; they will be a rigorous, analytical, and organised experimentalist; they will have a keen intellectual interest in DNA sequencing technologies and their applications; they will have a keen personal interest in saving and extending lives through life science R&D.

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Key Responsibilities

  • Develop, assess, and optimise categorically new laboratory techniques and assay workflows for NGS
  • Engineer and evaluate new types of macromolecular and/or solid-phase consumable reagents
  • Advance complex R&D roadmaps through deft experimental planning and laboratory execution
  • Work with a team of other laboratory scientists developing new ways of using NGS for research and medicine
  • Communicate internally and with external partners via oral updates, written reports, and technical meetings

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Required Skills and Background

  • PhD/DPhil in molecular biology or bioengineering, genetics/genomics, biochemistry or similar; or BA/BSc or equivalent and 5+ years hands-on experience as a laboratory scientist in academia and/or industry
  • Comprehensive knowledge of NGS, including sequencing platforms, sample-prep methods, and applications
  • Significant hands-on experience with molecular biology techniques (e.g. PCR/qPCR, RT, electrophoresis, etc)
  • Experience performing complex molecular-detection/measurement assays for nucleic acids and/or proteins (e.g. complex genomic/epigenomic/transcriptomic assays, advanced protein-detection methods, multi-omics)
  • Enthusiasm for a demanding, fast-paced R&D role in a small-startup environment

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Desired Skills and Background

  • Experience developing/refining sophisticated NGS protocols and/or technologies (e.g. complex sample-prep schemes such as single-cell/in-situ/on-flowcell methods; short-read/long-read sequencing biochemistry; emulsion and/or microfluidic methods; transposase-mediated methods; combinatorial indexing); or experience developing/refining sophisticated protein-detection technologies/methods (molecular, optical, or otherwise)
  • Knowledge of and/or experience using common bioinformatics pipelines, and experience working with bioinformaticians/computational biologists for processing and analysis of large/complex NGS datasets
  • Broad scientific knowledgebase relevant to NGS (e.g. genetic health/disease; cancer genomics; immunology)
  • Peer-reviewed publications and/or patent applications in molecular biology, genomics/NGS, or similar

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How to Apply

Please send your CV and cover letter (and/or any questions related to the role or application process) to This role will be located at our R&D labs at 50/60 Station Road in the Cambridge city centre, and will include highly competitive, experience-matched salary and generous stock options. This is an opportunity to apply your time and talents to categorical, step-change innovation in genomics.

Employment Type: Full Time
Contact Information
Name: Careers Team