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Senior/Laboratory Research Scientist – McTernan Lab

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Industry: Health care
Description: The Francis Crick Institute is a biomedical research centre in London, which was established in 2010 and opened in 2016. The institute is a partnership between Cancer Research UK, Imperial College London, King's College London, the Medical Research Council, University College London and the Wellcome Trust.
Job Description

Project summary

We are a synthetic chemistry group established in 2021, working in supramolecular and biological chemistry, and nanotechnology. We work in the Francis Crick Institute in London, and at the Department of Chemistry at King's College London. Our research looks at how we can apply Supramolecular Chemistry in Biological settings. The McTernan Group aims to apply recent breakthroughs in artificial molecular machines and metal-organic capsules in biologically relevant settings. Supramolecular Chemistry is the study of intermolecular, non-covalent interactions. These non-covalent interactions are critical to protein folding, DNA base pairing, and cellular signalling. Supramolecular Chemistry applies these same principles to create artificial systems capable of performing complex tasks. We work with rotaxanes, catenanes and capsules to synthesise functional architectures, creating de novo catalytic enzyme analogues, artificial cellular receptors, and generating targeted drug delivery vehicles. Find out more about our work on our website. The successful candidate will join a growing team, working at the interface of Chemistry and Biology. A large number of projects in the group will rely on peptide synthesis, and the purification of reaction products using HPLC and automated flash column chromatography. Thus, the post holder will initially set up and operate an automated peptide synthesiser, HPLC system, and automated flash column. Having set up operating procedures for this equipment, downstream efforts will involve using this equipment to assist other lab members and facilitate collaborations, training other staff members, and generating preliminary data for new projects in the lab, depending on the candidate’s background and interests. The successful candidate will liaise with Crick and external staff to support the establishment and smooth operation of the McTernan Laboratory. Find out more about our work on our website.

Key responsibilities These include but are not limited to:

• Initial set-up of the McTernan Lab, including liaising with the relevant quadrant manager, procurement, facilities and infrastructure.

• Lab management – maintenance and day-to-day operation of the lab, equipment and supplies, including establishing and maintaining a lab database for day-to-day management and longer-term archiving of lab resources (chemicals, proteins, peptides, synthetic compounds etc.).

• Establishment of automated peptide synthesiser, HPLC and automated flash column, and day-to-day operation of machines.

• Purification of peptides and organic compounds.

• Establishment of standard operating procedures (SOPs) for lab equipment and common lab experiments.

• Contribution to proof-of-concept studies at the initial stages of different projects.

• Welcoming and training new lab members. Key experience and competencies The post holder should embody and demonstrate our core Crick values: bold, imaginative, open, dynamic and collegial, in addition to the following: Essential Qualifications, experience and competencies:

• Higher education degree in biological or physical sciences • Expertise with peptide synthesis and purification

• Eagerness to learn new techniques and contribute to multi-disciplinary research at the interface of chemistry and structural and molecular biology

• Strong skills in organising and recording experiments.

Strong collaborative ability and teamwork experience Desirable Qualifications, experience and competencies:

• Experience of solid-phase peptide synthesis and prep HPLC

• Experience/general appreciation for the use of synthetic chemistry in biology

• Experience with crystallography

• Experience of organic synthesis or membrane science

• Experience working in research laboratories

Employment Type: Full Time
Contact Information
Name: Charlie Mcternan