Our Story


                           Who are we, why do we do this & where are we going?

Our Mission

To make the research community more transparent and accessible.

Our Vision

To create a community of scientists where they can connect with others, communicate their research, and get recognition for their work.

Our Values

Genuine. Curious. Collaborative. Inclusive.



                                                Well that's a good question....




Millions of pounds worth of research funding are awarded every year, but all too often, sadly, research is ignored by peers, industry, potential collaborators and funders.


Researchers have a role to play in shaping the narrative presented in the media. Their work can inform debates and provide evidence on pressing issues facing our society. Above all, research needs to be related in human terms for it to be understood and acted on. This requires an accessible and engaging format to engage people with your work.


That’s why we’ve created Scientistt. It’s time for researchers to be bolder with sharing their work in formats that is accessible to anyone without a specialist or scientific background.



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