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Scientistt was set up because of a lack of transparency regarding research life. Researchers have three sources of information about work done in their chosen field: published literature, conferences, and their supervisor. Literature reviews, whilst essential, can only reveal completed work; relevant conferences do not happen every week; and supervisors mostly rely on these same sources. It is very easy to become focused on the specifics of your own work and to lose a sense of what other related work is currently being conducted, especially by other graduate researchers.


Networking is an essential part of the research process to promote collaboration, generate new ideas, and prevent duplication of effort.


The brightest minds are working to solve humanity’s biggest problems, but working in research can be a lonely profession. Unlike current platforms aimed at academics to submit preprints, Scientistt provides a platform for a community of passionate students and researchers where they can connect with others, voice their opinions, and get recognition for their work.





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