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If you are a scientist, you can showcase your research in various formats such as blogs, podcasts, or videos to engage people with your work.


If you have an interest in science, you can connect with scientists from around the world and learn about the latest research in formats that is accessible to anyone without a specialist or scientific background.

Progress Career

If you are a student, you can find career events, jobs, and recruiters in the community.

Lea Lortal - King's College London

'' Scientistt has allowed me to connect and discuss with other PhD students in a simple and friendly way.''

Henry Chandler - University of St.Andrews

'' The potential international reach of the Scientistt network is also quite exciting, it could allow strong connections to be formed between like-minded researchers from across the world and in this age of globalisation communication is vital. "

Mark Griffiths - Birmingham University

'' In a world rapidly shifting to working remotely, a platform such as Scientistt seems to be an excellent way to allow research students to network and share their expertise. "

Mohamed ElGhazaly - University of Sheffield

'' Scientistt has provided me with an incredible platform to network with students from other universities interested in my work, get acquainted and share experiences. ''

Daniel Wallace - University of Southampton

'' Scientistt has helped me to showcase my research to hundreds of new people. I’ve started a collaborative project with a science communicator on the other side of the world, and discovered a few new applications of my research that are going straight into my thesis! ''

Robert Gregorio - University of Sheffield

'' Found out about this platform after the Graduate School Manager: Faculty of Science in Sheffield, recommend it to us! Great way to connect with other researchers! ''